How can I book my vacation package?

It’s easy! You simply have to call the accommodation of your choice from the list and the hotel or the campground will book your stay and it will also answer all your questions.  If your package includes a show, the hotel or the campground will take care of the reservation for you.

Notice! Some hotels offer online booking reservations.

Are the activities proposed in the menus interchangeable with an other menu in the same package?

No, the menus must be fully consumed as proposed in the package.

Are the tickets for the attractions valid only during our stay?

Vouchers activities in the package you have selected are valid through the end of the season. You can keep the vouchers that you haven’t used for a future visit in the area during the season.

Can I be reimbursed for a package?

When the package is bought and paid for, it is unfortunately not refundable.